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Uncover the true potential of your software features

Deliver the ultimate self-service onboarding experience
to your software users

Here is why SaaS creators
love Dashfrugal

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Multiple self-service features

Create multiple self-service options with Dashfrugal that increase user experience

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Unique approach

Instead of the old school methods, we offer a unique approach in user onboarding

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Sleek visualization

Visualize your self-service options and content with a sleek design and interface

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No code design

You don’t need a developer to help you to visualize your onboarding flow

Digital user onboarding platform
build for SaaS creators

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Reduce user onboarding cost by 75%
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Cut product training time by 70% on average
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Reduce your one-one product demo by 90%
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Smoother user onboarding
and faster activation

Make a great first impression. Onboard and activate users by delighting, educating and guiding them to achieve value quickly.


Helps your customers
to be software pro

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Deliver digital in-app product training
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Guide your users within your app with action & redirect
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Deliver real-time in-app support
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Build video guided tours and in-app knowledge base

Guide your customers to product values faster

Guide your first-time software users to ultimate product success with tooltip guidance along with the digital user onboarding to improve the software feature adoption rate.

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The Real Product-led growth platform

With Dashfrugal, customer onboarding is more than just a function. Better customer experience always leads to a profitable growth, that’s why we build Dashfrugal.

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Onboard and engage new customers
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Drive feature adoption faster and easier
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Offer realtime dashboard support
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Reducing churn and increasing retention
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Onboard and engage new customers


Easy to create, Easy to setup

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