Help users to adopt the
software feature very easily

Guide your users proactively within your app


What is Guided product tour?

Guided product tour are the traditional methods that provide on-screen guidance and navigations to your users within the app. Guided tours give a step by step walkthrough over your application that helps the users to adopt the software features

Each new features is an opportunity to add values to the users, unused feature can make negative impact that’s why feature adoption is very important in SaaS


Introduce software feature easily

Introducing your software feature right to the users within the application is the first step towards adoption, most of the time your wonderful feature may go unnoticed. Whenever the user completes specific tasks the widget refresh and ensures it shows the latest user’s progress statistics with updated checklists


Show account based user progress

Software providers can monitor and analyze the user’s onboarding progress on each account. This will show the completed and pending tasks for that specific account. Account-based user progress will ensure you’re not missing any user inactivity

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