Monitor user
progress in your application

Signup and monitor user’s onboarding progress

What is onboarding insight

User onboarding is the complete sum of product training and account setup. Monitoring user's progress closely even in the early software days can help you to understand the user's adoption level. Aldo knowing user’s level of account completion could help you to strategies followup accordingly.


Monitor your user's onboarding journey

With Dashfrugal, you can watch the user progressing with your software, where they reached, etc. With this insight, it is easy to keep the user updated on their onboarding flow.


Keep track of the overall activity log

Analyze the whole user’s onboarding log in a single place. With this you will get dates like total onboarding count, overall help request raised, pending, etc.


Learn how to build in-app guidance
with Dashfrugal

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