Software activation
starts with a great user

Delight your software users with great onboarding


What is User Onboarding?

User onboarding is the process product-driven companies especially SaaS companies executes to make their early users proficient to use their application or software, the exact user onboarding process starts when the user first touch with the product and ends at where the users are a product pro. A great user onboarding is the first step towards the software activation, it helps the user to learn the application quickly and motivates them to achieve the product values faster.

Successful onboarding drives the user to experience that “Wow” moment very early during the product days


Drive your user to product success earlier

Make new users feel special, set the right expectations and drive them to product success very earlier. With dashfrugal user onboarding via in-app training will help your user to learn software very easily and quickly through step by step guidance, walkthrough and video guided tours.

Build user onboarding aligned with your product

Create awesome in-app product training and user onboarding flows that look native to your interface and drive software users to product activation faster. With Dashfrugal platform it is very easy to customise overall user onboarding that starts from a user welcome video to advanced product training.


Learn how to build in-app guidance
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