Everything starts with a great onboarding

Offer a fresh start to your customers.

Dashfrugal manage onboarding

Your software and Dashfrugal

  1. 1

    Select and create an in-app flow based on your product in minutes

  2. 2

    Create the onboarding steps and break it down into sub steps

  3. 3

    Install Dashfrugal onboarding widget into your software via API’s

Engage, support while onboarding

  1. 4

    Travel along with them as they successfully onboard

  2. 5

    Help your customers through live chat & Co-browsing during their onboarding

  3. 6

    Supervise the customer onboarding and assign appropriate CS agent

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Dashfrugl analytics

Monitor your customers progress realtime

  1. 7

    Monitor and analyse customers progress realtime and overall

  2. 8

    Analyse your CS team’s efficiency. Check out their volume and response rate.

  3. 9

    Collect feedback and reviews from customers in every onboarding steps.

Integrate with CRM’s and Email tools

Improve your workflow by connecting dashfrugal with various CRM’s and email tools
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