Software, Boring ? Dashfrugal Makes it simple

Software feature adoption is easy with Dashfrugal

Product activation starts with a better onboarding

Make your customer a product King, Not just a pro

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Increasing your software feature adoption
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Reduce customer onboarding and training cost
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Improves customers task efficiency

Convert your software into success

Make a great first impression. Onboard and activate users by delighting, educating, and guiding them to achieve value quickly.

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Help your customer to understand the whole onboarding steps

Before starting the lengthy onboarding process give a short insight about the whole journey, to not become overwhelmed.

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One Platform, to power up customer onboarding and post-boarding

Be with your customers on every step and offer an instant onboarding assistance through,

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Session-based live chat support
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Co-browse & Screen share to fix the issues
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Trigger CSM support on customer inactivity
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Agent-based chat routing for teams
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Don’t let your best features go unnoticed. Help your customers to adopt the features easily

Listen to your customer onboarding experience

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Collect overall onboarding experience
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Collect module-by module review
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Receive feedback for CS team
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What is happening with Dashfrugal

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Customer Onboarding
Deliver a non-compromising in app user experience that keep your customers engaged with the product
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Feature adoption
Make your customers a product hero from week 0. Our solution helps your customers to adopt the features easily
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Customer Post-boarding
Communicate with your customer even after the onboarding and help them to achieve long term goals
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Customer retention
Dashfrugal proactively helping to reduce the churn rate. A well onboard customer is less likely to churn
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how dashfrugal works
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Step 01

Build your user onboarding experience using our amazing templates

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Step 02

Activate and target right users. Help your customers to find values faster

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Step 03

Analyse the effectiveness of customer onboarding and understand customer insights


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