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What is Contextual guidance?

Contextual guidance is a modern self service method, that helps the software users to navigate within the app with step by step instruction. This quick and organised guidance makes the user to navigate within the app that helps them to learn things by doing. SaaS creators can design and arrange the contextual steps based on their software onboarding steps

Contextual guidance is one of the simplest ways to gain user’s attention and to navigate them within any application


Why Contextual guidance?

With contextual guidance, SaaS creators can define their onboarding process in steps by step self-service instructions by creating it as tasks and sub-tasks. The associated checklist indicates the user’s task progress on the widget.This improves user’s confidence and increase user retention rate.


Guides and training materials

Step by step guides help the user to learn any software quickly and easily, with tour guides and training materials users can learn things faster. Using the digital onboarding widget, it is easy to deliver appropriate user training contents including video walkthrough, and real-life examples.

Design it very easily

Design your contextual guidance quickly and easily with Dashfrugal, define your step by step instructions, creates tasks, drop and drop it


Learn how to set up your contextual guidance
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