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What is feature adoption

Software feature adoption is generally mentioned as introducing a new feature to the end users and the user is learning how to use it effectively. Feature adoption is the measure of user’s activation of any software or mobile application. With the rise of subscription based software licensing feature adoption is critical that decide the user’s overall product adoption. Feature adoption indicates how essentially the users communicate with that certain feature.

Each new features is an opportunity to add values to the users, unused feature can make negative impact that’s why feature adoption is very important in SaaS


Introduce software
feature easily

Introducing your software feature right to the users within the application is the first step towards adoption, most of the time your wonderful feature may go unnoticed. With Dashfrugal digital in-app training and onboarding platform, introducing the features is very easy


Allow the user
to adopt it quickly

Representing the right feature at right place is the best way to help the users to learn it quickly. With the wide range of product training options it is easy for your users to adopt the software features very quickly.

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