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What is In-app messaging?

In-app messaging is the modern methods allows product-driven especially SaaS companies to communicate with their users within their mobile or web applications. In-app messaging is the easiest and economical way to engage the software users. Because it displays messages while the user is engaged with the product, in-app messages tend to have a higher response rate than push notifications or email messages, as it engage the user real-time and increases the productivity even more faster.

In-app messages are common in both web and mobile applications, below are the few methods that you can use to engage the users within your applications


Real-time messaging

Real-time messaging enable your software users to get in touch with your customer success team on every point when they feel they issues on their touch touch with your software, this improves user’s confidence and increase user retention rate.


Guides and training materials

Step by step guides help the user to learn any software quickly and easily, with tour guides and training materials users can learn things faster. Using the digital onboarding widget, it is easy to deliver appropriate user training contents including video walkthrough, and real-life examples.

Surveys and feedbacks

Embedded within the user learning manual/interface, which helps you to collect feedbacks and surveys real-time from the users.


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