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Calculate the impact of self-service
in user onboarding

Self-service product demo helps you to reduce your onboarding and one-one product training cost

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Here are some common facts

Do you know, on average a SaaS company spent a whopping $5-8 for a 30 minutes product demo call with a new user? Where the sales team may introduce and give a product walkthrough, is it economical?

We’ll convince you with the numbers

Input your approximate numbers, and we will let you know how much money and effort you are spending to onboard and to deliver manual product training to your free trial signups

This is not a generic ROI calculator, rather this is a savings calculator, that gives you an approx numbers that you may save*

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How many free trial signup do you have/day?
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How many sales team members do you have?
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No of product demo each team member manages?
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How much time they spent on each product demo?
In minutes
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What’s your sales reps average hourly salary
Your average monthly spending for user onboarding
Money you can save every month
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Learn how Self-service user onboarding can help you

Self-service user onboarding and product training helps you to save time and effort on unfit users. And delivers effective self-learning and onboarding experience to each serious users during their free trial period

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