Guide your users to success
with Real-time support

Deliver instant support during the onboarding


What is In-app support?

In-app support is a communication delivery to your users within the application or software. Delivering onboarding support is entirely different from delivering post-sales customer support. In-app support is the easy communication way to support users within the application to keep them using the software.


Increase engagement with In-app support

All your users may not be super users, a few of them face difficulty to learn some of your features, learning each feature is important in software adoption. With In-app support your users can get in touch with the support team, to learn each software features instantly

Offer real-time in-app support to your users

With Real-time chat, the support facility helps the customer success team can offer assistance during the user’s product training and onboarding, with real-time guidance your support team can make sure that users are adopting the software features easily and can vide the user is progressing.


Learn how to build in-app guidance
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